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Mom-Mom and Dad-Dad

Every parent anxiously awaits the first time their sweet little baby says “mama” and “dada”.  We practice with him and get all in his face saying “MAMA SAY MAMA BABY MAAAA MAAA MMMAAA MMMMAAA MAMAMAMA!” as the baby stares blankly back.  We did the same thing.  And Ike says both.  Sort of.  I’m sure every parent thinks that their baby’s “mama” and “dada” are the cutest words ever spoken.  We are no different.  Except Ike does not exactly say “mama” or “dada”.  He says “MomMom” and “DadDad”.  Two distinct words mushed together twice for emphasis.  It’s adorable.

He walks around (holding his bowl or coasters or whatever) and repeats “Mom-mom” over and over again.  And I reply “Yes Ike Ike”  over and over.  And he smiles and continues “Mom-mom” “Mom-mom” all the way to the kitchen and back again, now holding the bowl, coaster, a spoon and a few magnets.

I know one day he will only say “Mom!”  or “Maaaa!” And I won’t think that is nearly as cute, so for now I will savor all of the precious “Mom-moms” and “Dad-dads” he wants to share.

There’s also “bob-bob”.  That is the xbox.  Isaac has to speak especially loud when giving commands to the xbox, because Ike is also shouting commands to the xbox.  “Bob-bob goooo!” “Bob-bob tickle tickle ahhh prffft!” We are so winning at parenting.  Another gleaming example?  Ike can also mimic the sound of a wine bottle being uncorked.  Parents of the year ya’ll!



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