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Typical Toddler Eats

At Ike’s 12 month checkup the doctor was a little concerned about his weight.  He is not underweight really, in the 32% for his age, but he’s sort of hovered around average or slightly above for a while, so this is a pretty sharp change.  Anyway, she asked what he ate and how often and I, as usual at the doctor, stared at her blankly because “i dunno he eats some, sometimes, whatever I put in front of him, unless he doesn’t want to eat it, or he doesn’t like it, or he finds it more entertaining to throw it on the floor, sometimes he comes back for the things on the floor later“.

Since then, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to what, how much, and when Ike eats.  He generally falls into one of the following three typical days.

Typical Day 1

Ike nurses at 5:15am before I go to work


  • one egg, scrambled with sour cream
  • one pancake with butter
  • strawberries

Bottle before morning nap


  • cheerioes
  • half a banana

Bottle after snack


  • 2-3 ounces pureed chicken soup
  • 1/2 cup stars pasta
  • cracker or two

Bottle before afternoon nap


  • entire avocado
  • yogurt with berries or mango
  • string cheese

Bottle while waiting for dinner


  • ounce or two of salmon pinched up
  • 2-3 broccoli florets, pinched up
  • as many potatoes as you give him

Nurses about 30 minutes before bedtime

Typical Day 2

Eats nothing at all

Throws food on the floor with manic sweeping motion of highchair tray before waving the sign “all done” wildly and banging head on the back of the high chair.

Screams to high holy hell for a bottle every hour

Typical Day 3

Somewhere in between a typical day 1 or a typical day 2

Toddlers man.  Pshh.


“Mom-mom, I can have more spaghettis?”


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