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Christmas Budget Wrap Up

I had a budget, I had a plan, and I had all the tools for success.  How’d I do with Christmas shopping?  Let’s see.


After careful consideration, I have chosen not to repost the original spreadsheet, as so protect those who may feel short changed or overly gifted the way that the numbers fell out.  Nobody was I promise, I was just a better shopper for some items.  Anyway, I’ll speak in mostly general terms here.

Total Budget. $1100

Actual Amount Spent. $1,136

Extra Gifts Purchased (unplanned). 6

Total Cost of Extra Gifts. $89

Total number of gifts under budget. 13

Total number of gifts exceeding budget. 7

Lessons Learned:

  1. Factor in Tax – DUH.  Of the 7 items over budget, 5 of them are tax/shipping costs, because I didn’t account for either of these.
  2. Plan for a few extras for floating present people and kids we may have forgotten overlooked.
  3. Try to have some of the list ready for black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I got my best deals during cyber week, but I was unprepared for several people so I missed quite a few good bargains.
  4. Start early for stocking stuffers.  I got lucky this year, finding the bag of stuffers in the coat closet which saved me about 10% on each stocking.  That will not be the case next year.  Unless there’s a forgotten bag hanging out in the garage somewhere.
  5. Do NOT buy any more wrapping paper.  I purchased a wrapping paper organizer bag last New year.  And I pulled it out to pack up the wrapping stuff this year.  I have so much paper!  I must hoard it before and after the holidays.  I do not need anymore until Ike is old enough to remember that it was the same wrap as last year.
  6. Make extra room for more Christmas wine.  I didn’t have nearly enough this year.

*Linked at Thrifty Thursday.


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