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Ike’s Playlist

My favorite kind of music to listen to in the car is general pop, the radio station that usually has a sort comedy-type morning show and plays the same ten songs all day long.  Those songs that no one likes but always seem to get stuck in your head.  You know the ones.

Ike hates my radio stations.  So he has a playlist that we listen to in the car and whenever he needs a distraction.  I have a Spotify subscription that was mostly used for work, but now all my recommendations are Raffi, Dora, Sesame Street, etc.  Because apparently I play Ike’s playlist way more often than I play my own.

These are some of Ike’s Favorite Songs made for riding and dancing and general happy baby-ing.

Ike’s Playlist

  • The Wheels on the Bus (obviously!) by Raffi (also by Dora, kid zone, baby lullaby, barney, go fish, etc)
  • Victor Vido by the Laurie Berkner Band
  • Going to the Zoo by Raffi
  • Bananaphone by Raffi
  • Butterfly Driving a Truck by Caspar Baby Pants
  • Come On In by the Laurie Berkner Band
  • Five Little Monkeys by The Kiboomers
  • Apples and Bananas by Raffi
  • I’m Gonna Catch You by the Laurie Berkner Band
  • Shake my Sillies Out by Raffi
  • Elmo’s ALphabet Rap by Elmo (duh)
  • The Fox (What does the Fox Say?) by the Kidz Bob Kids
  • Down by the Bay by Raffi
  • Rocketship Run by the Laurie Berkner Band
  • Brush Your Teeth by Raffi

I think it’s pretty clear who our favorites are.  As far as kiddie music goes, Raffi and Laurie B are the least um..make you wanna pull your hair out songs.  They are catchy and snappy too so they tend to get stuck in my head a lot.

Follow us on Spotify if you have a child who needs distracting every now and then.



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