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It’s All Rainbows and Ponies

…Until somebody goes and turns five.   Who?


Cousin Mei!

When I first met little Mei she was just under 2!  She was shy, and quiet, and she didn’t talk to me for weeks.  Now she’s an incredibly smart, beautiful, and outgoing little girl who will talk your ear off if you let her!  She can run, jump, and play.  She can dance and speak Spanish and Mandarin.  She’s kind and thoughtful and she knows how to cheat at board games and get away with it!  She’s pretty awesome.

Her party was at Catch Air Indoor Playground this past Saturday.  She had a blast.  When we got there she was already pink face and sweaty.


They played her a special song and Queen Elsa came out and danced with her, if you don’t have a little girl in your life then I should mention, this is a HUGE DEAL!



Then there was pizza and cake and juice boxes, which my son tried to steal from everyone.  I think it was a thinly veiled excuse to flirt with all the girls.


Ike had a good time at the playground, eventually.  The changing light and screaming and fast-paced children was a bit overwhelming at first.





Her theme was My Little Pony with Rainbows.


I made her a rainbow fruit tray with cloudy vanilla fruit dip.  It went over very well with the children and the adults.  The fruit tray was really easy to put together; but the recipe is below:


Rainbow Fruit Tray

Strawberries (red)
Cantaloupe (orange)
Pineapple (yellow)
Kiwi (green)
Blueberries (blue)


one package of cream cheese
1/2 cup yogurt (plain)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup brown sugar

Whip all ingredients of the dip until well combined.  Arrange fruit in a semi-circle (made infinitely easier using a round platter).  Pipe fruit dip in a loose shape of a cloud and fill in with the back of a spoon.  Easy peasy!

We had a great time enjoying Mei’s birthday party! I think that she did too.


One thought on “It’s All Rainbows and Ponies

  1. Hello beautiful! Great post. Pinned and tweeted. Thank you for being a part of our party and we hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm. We can’t wait to party with you! Happy Valentines’ Day! Lou Lou Girls

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