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Is it all Coming to an End?

Anyone out there who knows me, like in real life, knows I’ve been complaining and whining about the hassle of nursing/breastfeeding for several months now.  And even before that, I was very much looking forward to leaving pumping and expressing milk at work when Ike turned one.  I want to be done with nursing. I want to have wine with dinner.  I want to retire the clickable nursing bras to the attic.  I’m so over it.

Well, Ike seems to be starting to wean. And I am devastated.  I know what I said.  And I think I meant it, I really do want to be done.  But the actually finishing makes me sad.  This wonderful roller coaster ride of a journey may be coming to an end.

the end

Ike’s totally fine going to bed with a bottle of cow’s milk.  He sleeps exactly the same.  He will accept a bottle instead when he wakes up during the night (yes that still happens).  He’s pretty much indifferent and I think that I have been unconsciously continuing despite him.  There’s been only once in the past two or so weeks that he differentiated to me that he would prefer to nurse over taking a bottle at bed time.  I obliged with no hesitation, but I think I could have urged him on back to the bottle with little resistance.  And this morning he asked for milk, and maybe he would have accepted a bottle, but at 4:45am, I’m thinking convenience.

For a while I wanted to keep going until he started school.  But I figure now is as good of time as any.  Especially since I don’t intend to continue very far into him beginning school.

Honestly, I am not sure what I am waiting for.  I did want this to happen.  I wanted to stop, but I also wanted him to want to stop.  Both seem to be happening, so why I am having so much trouble letting go?


3 thoughts on “Is it all Coming to an End?

  1. The last time we nursed (about a month ago) I came back to bed at 3AM after E screamed at me in rejection – and I cried and cried and sobbed…I wasn’t ready, but he was. I continued pumping, sort of, but only once a day. Today, I’m wearing a non-clickable bra. Hugs to you friend! It’s not easy.

  2. I didn’t feel the least bit of sorrow when mine was done weaning. Of course he was 2 1/2 so maybe we were both just ready to move on. I worried something was wrong with me that I didn’t feel sad as everyone said I would. Nursing was great and wonderful, but so is snuggling on the couch fully clothed, ha ha!

    Saw this on Mumbo Monday

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