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Valentine’s Day 2015

Happy Half Off Chocolate Day!  Just kidding, that would be the old cynical me talking.  Yesterday was the big, hearty, red holiday that I used to hate, never missing an opportunity to make a snide comment about the Hallmark Holiday’s origin.

How’d I celebrate this year?  With my kids and my husband doing all things pink, red, and heart shaped.  Naturally.  What?  Who hates Valentine’s Day?  No one, especially not me.

It started with breakfast.  Pink, heart shaped, chocolate chip pancakes.  Did I cover everything cliche in that sentance?  I think so.  Adorable right?


Pancakes are more or less a staple in my house on the weekends.  These were made with Pomegranate juice and pureed strawberries in lieu of red food coloring to keep them “Ike friendly”.  I just used the combo of fruit juices in place of the water in the “just add water” pancake mix.  And sprinkled in chocolate chips while they cooked on the first side.


Then there were these gems that I saw on Turn it up Tuesday by Fry Sauce and Grits.




I made them for the girls.  Ike is still a little small for that amount of sugar (he got enough from the pancakes) so he settled for a balloon.  That he has been dragging around the house since yesterday morning.



Then we went for an ever so romantic trip to Ikea to buy Ike a kid-sized table and chair.

Later that evening, Isaac and I went to the Melting Pot for dinner, just the two of us.  The cheese and chocolate fondues were both amazing.  I can’t wait to go back.  Then we made a reservation at the ‘lazy boy’ movies (AMC Phipps) for 10:15. I fell asleep at about 8.  So, in conclusion, I totally won Valentine’s Day, but I was much too exhausted to enjoy it.


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