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Play Date

Ike had a play date this weekend at Imagine It! Children’s Museum.  Our buddy baby Ethan joined us.  Although Ethan will be turning one in just a few short weeks, I guess we will have to stop saying “baby” Ethan.  Both of these boys are getting so big!  I was on my own for this play date, so all I have are crappy blurry photos taken with my phone.  Managing to corral Ike in a huge open play ground and trying to take quality photos with a real camera is much more than I am capable of.

Ike seems to have a thing for driving.  Thinking about it for a little while, I guess I should have picked up on this by now.  He’s always enjoyed sitting in the driver’s seat on my lap and pretending to drive.  See?  And he had a very loud toy with a steering wheel that he enjoyed in passing.  Just long enough to make it start up with all the lights and noises that went on forever.  I consigned that toy at first chance.

But at the museum, there was a really Mini Cooper with the doors removed (and I assume some other non-child-safe parts) to sit and play in.  He loved it.


Ethan seemed to be a happy accomplice to whatever Ike was plotting.

He loved it so much that he had a royal fit as soon as I took him out to give some other kids a turn.  He made it his mission to drag me back to that car all afternoon.

We tried a truck.

No thanks.

We tried a tractor.


He was somewhat intrigued at the pretend food area.  He chose fruit cocktail, a piece of asparagus, and a taco as his meal.


Mostly he used the asparagus as a fork though.



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