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I do. And I Always Will.

It’s our Anniversary today.

Danielle & Isaac Wedding-244

Two years ago today, I promised to love unconditionally, this man, for the rest of my life.  Two years later and not much has changed, but yet, everything has changed.  Our family has grown, our jobs have changed, our relationship has deepened.  But we are and will forever be together in love.

Danielle & Isaac Wedding-123

Danielle & Isaac Wedding-103
ur last moments apart before being joined for eternity.

Our wedding day was the happiest day of my life.  It was the day I got to marry him.  It was also the best party I’ve ever been to.  And it was the day we decided to bring Ike into the world.  I wouldn’t change a single moment of any of it.  None of the stress of planing, the rain in the morning, each and every guest that we shared the day with.  Nothing.  It was all perfect.

Danielle & Isaac Wedding-341

On our first anniversary, we were a little over-committed, and over-whelmed with a three month old baby Ike and two conflicting parties.  This year, Ike is older and we are more adept to the parenting thing.  And I’ve not planned 35 activities to squeeze into this particular day.  Today is for Isaac.  Isaac and Danielle.  Everyone else will just have to wait.

The second anniversary is traditionally the ‘cotton’ year.  Cotton should make for pretty easy gift giving right?  Not really, not for a person with approximately 4,000 t-shirts.  Or a person who is completely unaware of the sheets they sleep on.   A person that just received socks for Christmas, lol.  So I got Isaac a cotton tie and pocket square.  I hope he likes it, he’s a pretty big tie person.  I mean just look at the pimp bow-tie he wore on our wedding day!

Danielle & Isaac Wedding-116

Happy Anniversary my Husband.  May there be many many more.



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