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School Daze

Ike went to preschool for the very first time ever today.


After much deliberation, we chose a little Montessori school near work.  Isaac and I both agreed that around a year old we wanted him to have some sort of regular interaction with other children his age to help with social skills and developmental play.  We chose the Montessori principals because we think that they most closely align with our parenting techniques (or plans at this point).  In an overly simplified statement, Montessori education is a guided educational journey, led by the child to foster a nurturing environment while supporting independent growth throughout early childhood.  All of this sounded very good in a theoretical, let’s do this for our child one day, you know, when he isn’t a baby anymore.  I guess that day is here.  And all of a sudden any school or care program just seems a little overwhelming.  For me at least.

He looked so much older standing in the classroom than he does when he races over to hug my knees when I come home from work.  I’m very glad I was already gone when they put the training pants on him, because I could not handle it!

Ike was not too sure about the whole ordeal.


He cried when he noticed we were all gone, which broke my heart and Isaac’s.  We both circled back to the school in an attempt to go check on him, in the end cooler heads did prevail though and we let him tough it out.  For all of five hours, he’s only doing the half day program for now.

Obviously, he survived.  His daily update showed that he even went to the potty!  On his first day!


I’m a proud momma now, although still reluctant to go through the separation anxiety all over again tomorrow.  Good thing his daddy is dropping him off!



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