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Reasons I Haven’t Been Updating My Blog

Everyday I think about fun and interesting things to write about here.  Things about Ike, travel, couponing, shopping for a house, Atlanta.  My ideas are endless.  But then every evening this thing or that thing gets in the way and I end up thinking, well there’s always tomorrow. There is so much going on in our lives right now!  That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to keep this blog.  To record and remember all of the exciting events that our family experiences.  But as it turns out, those experiences are sort of time consuming, and sometimes I like to sleep.  Sometimes.  Which leaves very little time for diddling around the internet.  Which is a bummer, because diddling is one of my favorite hobbies.

So below is my exquisite list of reasons I have not had time to write.  Or better, all my grumbles about why days really should be longer!


  1. Ike refuses to go to bed.  I give him a bottle.  I sing him 58 verses of the Wheels on the Bus.  I rock.  And I rock.  And I rock.  I cave and give him the pacifier that I’ve been trying to get rid of for several weeks now.  Two hours later and he is still up.  This doesn’t happen every night, but when it does, by the time he is asleep I have thrown in the towel and I’m going to bed too.
  2. Scale says I’m gaining weight.  I need to pack my lunch, instead of going out for whatever fried/oversized portion/crap I don’t even like food that the rest of my group has decided on that day.   So after I put Ike to bed I return to the kitchen to meticulously pack a breakfast, lunch, low fat dessert, and two healthy snacks….for AN HOUR AND A HALF!
  3. I need to shower.  Because I am at work at an obnoxious hour and I pretty much manage to get up and dress myself in the dark because Ike has found a way into our bedroom during the night (aka I have half-sleeping carried his screaming self in there because three times is too many to haul my butt out of bed).  And if I don’t shower at night, then in the morning I cannot remember whether or not I showered at night, and since if I did then I’d buy myself one extra snooze cycle, the answer is always yes in my head.  Therefore, if I don’t shower at night then I go to work smelling like straight up yesterday!
  4. My husband and I haven’t had an uninterrupted conversation in a week.  So I should probably talk to him or something for a while instead of write to a bunch of strangers on the internet.  I guess.
  5. It’s St. Patties day, and it’s imperative that I go to a pub with something tacky and green on.  And one should never share thoughts and feelings on something permanent like the internet after one has consumed one (or more) green cocktails.  Never.  No matter how brilliant it sounds in your head at the time.
  6. It was a long day and I want to go to bed at 8:00pm too.  So sometimes I do.

OK, these aren’t so much “reasons” as they are “excuses”.  And I really do want to write and share and keep things up to date in case Ike wants to read about his babyhood someday.  Or in case I need to go check and see if I was as crazy back then (right now) as I am now (when I am old.  Older).



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