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Happy First Birthdays!

We had a big flush of first birthdays the past two weeks.  Ethan, Jacob, Dominic and Alyssa all turned one in March.  It was an exciting time!  We made appearances at Jacob’s and Ethan’s parties two weeks ago.

Ethan’s party was at Gymboree.  Neither Ike or I had ever been to a Gymboree.  It was pretty fun, although Ike wasn’t exactly sure what to do with all the play equipment.  He eventually figured it out.

ith some assistance of course.

The tunnel was a fast hit.  There’s a similar tunnel at the playground in our neighborhood, although it is faded yellow plastic, not cushy vinyl foam.

He found  safe place to observe the other kids.

Ike’s buddy Jake was also at the party.  They hung out briefly.



Until Jake noticed there was another person on the rocking horse.

Then this happened.


Which is totally an acceptable form of payback from this.


Sorry son, you had it coming.

Ethan’s first encounter with cake was adorable.  But I missed the chance to get any photos of it, because my kid was busy trying to steal food from other children’s plates.  Ethan stared, he checked for mom and dad, and then he cried.  Did not care to have anything at all to do with the cake.

The next day was Jacob’s party.  Here’s a picture of Ike and Jacob, looking none too impressed with one another.


Then Jacob fled.


And we didn’t see him again until it was time for the cake.  Oh, the cake that his mother made with her own two hands, with the help of a four year old.  She is totally my idol.


I also don’t have any photos of Jacob’s adorable reaction to his first cake.  Because while the cake tasting was happening, my kid was doing this.


Jacob tasted the cake from his mother’s finger, then looked at her for more, when she told him to eat his cake, he stuck his face in it.  This is a second baby you guys, he cannot wait for someone to hand him a spoon or anything, someone might eat his cake!

The parties were so much fun and I am so excited for these boys to stay friends for a long time.


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