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Frugal Easter Basket Ideas

Have you ever noticed that nearly every major holiday has special candies dedicated to it?  That candy is the center of so many holidays throughout the year?  The Chocolate Heart boxes at Valentines, the Peeps and Chocolate bunnies at Easter, the candy filled Christmas stockings.  I could go on and on!

I am not anti-candy or anti-fun or anything.  But I would like some balance since we do have quite a laundry list of holidays to celebrate throughout the year.  There will be some candy in the Easter Baskets, but my goal is to have mostly non-candy items creatively chosen to be somewhat useful after Easter is over.  I would also very much like to keep this to a moderate sized budget.  No, nobody is getting a new bicycle or new shoes for Easter, sorry, we are buying a house soon.

PicMonkey Collage

For my Toddler

1.  Bunny Ears – because ADORABLE!  Here’s Ike’s from last year.


2.  Bubbles – we need more bubbles because EVENTUALLY it will be warm enough to play outside again.  Dollar Tree and Dollar General are great places to find cheap bubbles.

3.  Sealed plastic eggs filled with corn, rice, or whatever we already have in the pantry – for shaking and music-making

4.  A Stash Bank – for his cash stash.  This is from my gift collection, things I randomly purchase when they are great deals throughout

the year.


 For my Teens

1. Nail Polish – this set was free from Julep


2. Hair accessories – I can usually find these at the Dollar Store in nice bright spring colors.

3. Stationary – These are from the OneSpot at Target.


4. Pens – Also from the OneSpot.  I love Target.


For all of them

Socks.  I swear we consume socks around my house at an alarming rate.  Everyone could always use more socks.  And they should be whimsical and pastel because it’s spring!    These are pretty much everywhere, and the closer you get to Easter the greater chance they will be marked down.  Finally, a benefit for procrastinating!


I fully intend to recycle Ike’s basket from last year, I don’t think he’ll notice.  I found the girls’ baskets for $1.50 with my cartwheel deal at Target.


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