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Easter 2015


Happy Easter from Ike.

I made a very real attempt to corral his hair on Sunday.  I think it went pretty well.


Less bird’s nest-like.

Our Easter was pretty simple.  We did small Easter baskets at home in the morning.  Then off to church.  Mass was at Atlanta Symphony Hall, because our regular church is not big enough to handle the holiday crowd.  Isaac and I are both Catholic, and ALL Catholics go to mass on Easter.  Even if they don’t go on Christmas, they are there on Easter.


Isaac and I made the decision to change church homes about a year ago.  Nothing about the old church, but when my mom moved here she found a little church only about a mile away from our church that was just a better fit.  There was singing and relatable homilies and friendly ushers who played with Ike every week.  It just felt like a place we needed to be.  I’m very happy there, although I am also very grateful for all of the years I spent at the old church making my way there as well.

The service was very lively and colorful.  Even more so than usual.  Naturally Ike fell asleep about 10 minutes in.


Since he learned to walk, we’ve been spending a great part of mass each Sunday in the back of church or out in the parking lot.  I’m quite thankful that he was so well behaved this weekend.

After church we made a very simple Easter dinner at home and Ike played outside for most of the afternoon.




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