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The Hidden Costs of Moving

Our offer was accepted! We are moving into a new house!  A dream house, with a dreamy back yard and a huge deck and a true gourmet kitchen and a finished basement and finally FINALLY a room for everyone.  Can you tell I am a little excited?

Excited, definately.  Anxious, yes that too.  Now the race is on to get all the details done in time for moving in about FOUR weeks.  These details are small and large and my to do list is currently off the page with tasks to complete.  From “SELLING OUR HOUSE ASAP” to “remember to pack toilet paper on top” my mind is abuzz with things that need to be done.

The big costs and to dos are obvious.  Find a house, make a down payment, sell your house, pay the realtor, hire movers (or willing friends).  Those things are easy, but I already see so many more costs and tasks with new ones popping up every day.  Some of the major hidden costs of moving, so far.


  1. Closing Costs.  Okay not really hidden, but there are a lot of prepaids and other things that can drive up the amount of money you have to bring to closing.  Be sure you have a good estimate from your lender.
  2. Staging.  I can usually keep the house in OK shape, usually (at least when there are people coming over), but for showing the house to potential buyers, it needs to be pretty spotless.  We hired a cleaning service to give the whole place a good cleansing, and we packed up a truck load of stuff to make the house look less cluttered.
  3. Storage Unit.  All that clutter that we decided we could live without for a little while? Well, we got a small storage unit to “hide” our crap while we show our house.  We chose a slightly more expensive, but flexible, month-to-month unit that I hope to have for only two months or so.
  4. Appraisal and Inspections.  Both ranged between $350 and $450 each for our home.
  5. Boxes, tape and packing supplies.  I’m pretty resourceful about finding/saving boxes and newspaper and even some bubble wrap here and there, but I’ve also had to purchase copious amounts of packing tape to patch back together some of my second-hand boxes.  I’m sure I will end up buying a few sturdy boxes before all is said and done too.  I mean you can only put so much in a  tape enforced Pampers box.
  6. Deposits.  If you are changing counties, like we are, you are likely changing utility providers.  That means you are paying deposits again.
  7. A lot of frozen yogurt.  When your house is on the market, it’s generally a good sign that lots of people want to see it.  But, they want to see the house, not you or your adorable family.  So that means, when the house is being shown, we have to be gone.  On the weekends we can plan fun activities from our Spring Bucket list.  But when it’s 5:30 on a Wednesday evening, we generally go to the nearest frozen yogurt shop and kill an hour watching Ike fish every piece of strawberry from the cup before eating the yogurt.  Despite the Menchie’s frequent shoppers program, this is starting to put a dent in my budget.

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