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Eighteen Months

Ike is a year and half old.  In just six short months he will be celebrating his second birthday.  These past six months have been such a wealth of growth and learning for Ike.  He has aquired skills at a mind boggling pace!  He started school back in March, and although very rocky at first, he has learned so much from the other children (friends) in his class.  They all adore him and he is learning quickly about how to interact with them constructively.  Every day when he timidly enters the classroom, he is greeted cheerfully by all of his friends “Hi Ike” “Look that’s Ike” “Hey Ike’ and he is visibly more comfortable.  He’s learning words, fine motor skills, and all about his own independence so fast right now.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with how much of his babyhood has faded into strong-willed/independent little person.



He can do so much and so many things he comes up with surprise and delight me.  Here are just a few of Ike’s most adorable things right now.

Adorable Thing No. 1:

Ike puts on everyone elses shoes and walks around calling himself their names.

Gabby’s Chuck Taylors: Ike “Sissy, sissy, sssisy!”
Dad’s black dress shoes: Ike “Dado, Daddio, Dad, Daddy, Daddio, Momma, Dado!”

Adorable Thing No. 2:

Hugs.  When Ike is playing in the living room or outside, every now and then he runs back over to me and grabs my legs and squeezes and buries his face in my knee caps.

Adorable Thing No. 3:

Dancing.  The kids loves music.  He takes every opportunity to dance.  He has tunes in his BMW toy car and jams out like those crazy people you see stoppped at a red light acting like they are in the front row of a concert.  It’s to die for!

Adorable Thing No. 4:

Ask Ike how old he is.  Go ahead ask him.  He will smile and tell you a bold faced lie!

“Two” he says with a grin.  

Another area of massive growth is Ike’s speech.  He’s always been a pretty chatty guy, but now more and more of his gibberish is turning into words (or at least the first syllable of words).  Here are just some of his words, and his vocabulary bank grows almost daily.


Mom (Mom-Mom)
Dad (Daddio)
Coco (the dog)
Walk (wah wah)
Banana (anana)
Nell (Ivanal)
No (he is becoming pretty fond of no)
Awe Man (totally my fault)
Two (it’s how old he is, he swears!)

He’s still pretty open about food and I will continue to appreciate his flexibility.  Although his great love of milk is still very strong, we have been successfully limiting it.


Here are the current favs.

Favorite Foods:

Green Peas
Cheddar bunny crackers
Anything from Gabby’s plate

(He’s also fond of chocolate pudding).

Ike’s definately got a strong affinity for all things car-related.  He also enjoys packing and unpacking.  He has a shape sorter box that he likes to take blocks in and out of; but can be enteretained by taking toys out of a basket, putting balls into a box, removing all the wipes from the wipe box I accidently left within his reach.  I think his absolute favorite thing to do is help his grandma unpack her suitcase when she comes to visit.

Favorite Toys:

Airplane Riding Toy
Little blue chair (outside)
Little red chair (inside)
Shape sorter box
Spiderman Ball


Finally, he is growing at a ‘good’ pace, whatever that means.  With every doctor visit, I become less and less concerned with those percentiles they present.  Whatever, he is solid, he eats, he excersizes, he is happy.  This numbers girl is not impressed with your numbers AAP.   Here they are anyway, taken with a large grain of salt from mommy.

Weight. 26.5 lbs
Height. 33 inches
Teeth.  5 (with 8 on the way)
Head Circumference. Huge. Twenty and a quarter inches.
Hairs.  Out of Control!
Clothes Size.  2T



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