Moving Day

A Poem.

“The time has come” the walrus said.

“To move so many things.”


“Of shoes– dishes–and old ear wax”


“Of lots of curtains and the King!”


“And why we need two shoe racks or if the deck needs more things!”

The poem was adapted from the classic “The Walrus and the Carpenter” by Lewis Carroll.

The movers came, bright and early Thursday morning.  They loaded and loaded and loaded and loaded some more.  Then they went to our storage unit and loaded still more.  Two trucks and lots of sweat they unloaded every last bit at the new house.  About 60% of it went on the floor it belonged on.  That was Thursday, we paid them, tipped them, and sent the movers and their trucks on their merry way.  Now it is Monday, and our new home is still far from photo ready.  I think a little over half of the boxes have been emptied, but far fewer items are in their final living spaces.  The new house is setup so differently from the one we left.  And although there are places and spaces gallore, finding a home for all of our things has become quite a challenge.   Not to mention we are redoing the decor drastically, so although there is “stuff” literally EVERYWHERE, there is also “stuff” to be purchased and placed as well.

Basically, we are living in a constant state of flux.  It doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone but me.  It’s making my hair fall out.  The important thing is we have moved, we have room for everyone, and although it is tiny, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Both my mother and my mother in law spent the week leading up to the move furiously packing and helping get things ready.  They both know that I don’t always agree fully with them on every single thing, but I hope they know how grateful I always am to have them.  They were invaluably helpful this week and there’s no way we could have done this without them.  Especially Ike.  Ike who is still searching the new house for his “Gayo” (Grandma) all the time.  Ike who spent the first 3 miles of our journey to school this morning telling his “mawmaw” bye from his carseat.




You Give Me Fever

Fever! In the morning
Fever all through the night

We have four new additions to report in the Salinas Household.  Ike has managed to cut four different molars in the matter of four days last week.  These four big teeth caused him quite a bit of distress, including an almost constant fever of over 100 even with the aid of a steady stream of Motrin.

The fever and general discomfort started on Sunday morning, but we assumed he would be getting A new tooth (as in ONE) and the fever would likely subside in a day or so.  Not true!  It elevated quickly and by Sunday night he was over 102 degrees!  The pediatrician on call suggested we call for a same day sick appointment first thing in the morning.  We did and were seen at about 9am.  No fever.  Obviously.  A cool 98.6 degrees and a cherry disposition I had not seen since Saturday.  I had been dealing with this pathetic face all day on Sunday.


Monday night?   Back to 101 and general panic at home just after the doctors and urgent care centers had closed.  We managed the fever and the discomfort as best we could for the next few days.   He didn’t want to sleep, he didn’t want to play, he couldn’t go to school, and most of all, he didn’t want to eat.   The only thing that wasn’t met with outright refusal was popsicles.


Which by the way, Ike calls “pizza”.  I think that “pizza” to him must mean any form of junk food he isn’t supposed to have.  Because I took him for actual pizza and ordered a sensible thin crust/light cheese/veggie topped pizza and he would not touch it, yet complained that he wanted “pizza”.  Then at home, he dug into the freezer and pointed at the popsicle box and asked for “pizza” again.

The nurse practitioner we saw on Monday advised us to return if the fever persisted for 5 or more days.  I made an appointment on Thursday afternoon for Friday, at the time Ike’s fever was just over 100.  When we got to the doctors on Friday?  97.9!  DUDE!  I am positive the doctors think I am a full on nutcase.

Ike was like “What mama?  Are you ok?  You look a little stressed out… I’m fine, I’m just gonna go lick this door handle on our way out ok?  The doctor is so cute, we need to come back here real soon.”

Long story short.  He’s fine now.  He’s happily enjoying all of our family company as we prepare to move into our new house this week.  Me? I am recovering from the whole ordeal much slower.  I still sleep with a thermometer and a bottle of children’s Motrin on my nightstand.

No Babies Here

Ike’s teacher sent me an email this week about my most dreaded toddler milestone.  The potty (or “toileting” in Montessori speak).  Ike is in the toddler community with children ranging in age from 14 months up to about 3 and a half.  He wears pull ups to school and cloth training pants while he is there.  He is offered the opportunity to use the potty at the designated “potty” times throughout the day.  Previously he was pretty erratic with his interest in this activity.  Sometimes he would sit, sometimes he would refuse, sometimes he would potty, sometimes he would not.

Well, this week he has shown a much more consistent interest in the potty, or so I am told (I am also told to say “toilet”, I listen so well ya’ll).  Apparently, he goes and uses the potty on his own now, at school.  Ok, he has given me some indication of being aware of his bodily functions for about a week now, but I thought he was just exploring a new word.  The word?  “Poo poo?” phrased as a question.  Every time.  How am I supposed to know if you have to go poo poo kid?

Anyway, the teacher alluded that perhaps it is time to start reinforcing this potty time thing at home.  So now we have this.


Two of them actually, one upstairs and one downstairs.  When we went to but one of them Ike insisted on sitting on it in the shopping cart and asking “poo poo?” throughout the remainder of the shopping trip.  That was not embarrassing at all.

I have spent a good part of my evenings this week removing and replacing Ike’s diaper at every “poo poo” question.  He has pottied on the potty exactly once for me.  For some reason I feel like this is going to be a long process.  Does anyone know if Amazon Prime Now offers Pull-Ups in Atlanta?  Oh and also disinfectant wipes?

Broken Phones and Lost Shoes

We bought a house on Friday.  Hooray.  Well, technically, we bought a house.  We signed the papers and paid the lawyer A LOT of money and now I have a piece of paper saying that we own the house.  We do not have keys and we have not moved in because we are renting the space to the owners until next Friday…

Last week, on my way to DC for a work meeting my phone died.  It just decided that it was time, that life as an iphone was just not worth living anymore.  I was listening to music and flipping through some form of social media when it just…well it just died.  The battery was good, it showed no signs of having any trouble, I didn’t drop it or cause any other trauma, just spontaneous failure to operate.

When I finally managed to get an appointment that was at a reasonable (not working hours) time frame at the apple store, it was Saturday.  They replaced the phone because their technical “genius” response was “huh, I guess it just died”.  Thanks.

Along with my now dead phone, died three posts worth of photos.  I have more or less made peace with that, I guess, not really, but whatever.  Life is as what it is in our world of technological reliance.  Incidentally I have maniacally hit the save button on this post at least 20 times so far, because electronics man, you never know!

Also happening last week, Ike has managed to lose three shoes.  Not three pairs, three shoes.  By the way, Ike owns 4 pairs of shoes, and one pair of rain boots that are so big that they fall off when he walks.  That left one pair of lace up Adidas as safe footwear.  At Ike’s montessori school, they encourage independent care of self, which includes getting oneself undressed in the morning and removing one’s shoes.  Therefore they encourage shoes that children can remove and put on, on their own.  Translation?  Velcro not laces!

Toddler shoes do not come cheap, especially when you consider they only wear a given size for about three months.  Saturday morning I was determined to find Ike’s missing shoes.  When he wants to go outside he generally brings me one of his shoes, to get his point across, so the pairs are often separated.  I figured the others had to be around somewhere, likely under the couch with all the millions of little plastic balls.

I searched and cleaned and rearranged the furniture downstairs and upstairs in the bedrooms for about 4 hours.  I found these all of these shoes downstairs.   None of Ike’s lost shoes were anywhere to be found.


Sunday I caught Ike putting his T-shirt into the garbage, so I have an idea of where the shoes may have ended up.

By noon Ike and I were in Target in search of some decently priced, non-lace up, extra wide (marshmellow feet), Montessori-approved shoes.

Well folks, there you have it.  500 words on missing shoes and a broken phone, that about sums up my week.