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No Babies Here

Ike’s teacher sent me an email this week about my most dreaded toddler milestone.  The potty (or “toileting” in Montessori speak).  Ike is in the toddler community with children ranging in age from 14 months up to about 3 and a half.  He wears pull ups to school and cloth training pants while he is there.  He is offered the opportunity to use the potty at the designated “potty” times throughout the day.  Previously he was pretty erratic with his interest in this activity.  Sometimes he would sit, sometimes he would refuse, sometimes he would potty, sometimes he would not.

Well, this week he has shown a much more consistent interest in the potty, or so I am told (I am also told to say “toilet”, I listen so well ya’ll).  Apparently, he goes and uses the potty on his own now, at school.  Ok, he has given me some indication of being aware of his bodily functions for about a week now, but I thought he was just exploring a new word.  The word?  “Poo poo?” phrased as a question.  Every time.  How am I supposed to know if you have to go poo poo kid?

Anyway, the teacher alluded that perhaps it is time to start reinforcing this potty time thing at home.  So now we have this.


Two of them actually, one upstairs and one downstairs.  When we went to but one of them Ike insisted on sitting on it in the shopping cart and asking “poo poo?” throughout the remainder of the shopping trip.  That was not embarrassing at all.

I have spent a good part of my evenings this week removing and replacing Ike’s diaper at every “poo poo” question.  He has pottied on the potty exactly once for me.  For some reason I feel like this is going to be a long process.  Does anyone know if Amazon Prime Now offers Pull-Ups in Atlanta?  Oh and also disinfectant wipes?


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