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You Give Me Fever

Fever! In the morning
Fever all through the night

We have four new additions to report in the Salinas Household.  Ike has managed to cut four different molars in the matter of four days last week.  These four big teeth caused him quite a bit of distress, including an almost constant fever of over 100 even with the aid of a steady stream of Motrin.

The fever and general discomfort started on Sunday morning, but we assumed he would be getting A new tooth (as in ONE) and the fever would likely subside in a day or so.  Not true!  It elevated quickly and by Sunday night he was over 102 degrees!  The pediatrician on call suggested we call for a same day sick appointment first thing in the morning.  We did and were seen at about 9am.  No fever.  Obviously.  A cool 98.6 degrees and a cherry disposition I had not seen since Saturday.  I had been dealing with this pathetic face all day on Sunday.


Monday night?   Back to 101 and general panic at home just after the doctors and urgent care centers had closed.  We managed the fever and the discomfort as best we could for the next few days.   He didn’t want to sleep, he didn’t want to play, he couldn’t go to school, and most of all, he didn’t want to eat.   The only thing that wasn’t met with outright refusal was popsicles.


Which by the way, Ike calls “pizza”.  I think that “pizza” to him must mean any form of junk food he isn’t supposed to have.  Because I took him for actual pizza and ordered a sensible thin crust/light cheese/veggie topped pizza and he would not touch it, yet complained that he wanted “pizza”.  Then at home, he dug into the freezer and pointed at the popsicle box and asked for “pizza” again.

The nurse practitioner we saw on Monday advised us to return if the fever persisted for 5 or more days.  I made an appointment on Thursday afternoon for Friday, at the time Ike’s fever was just over 100.  When we got to the doctors on Friday?  97.9!  DUDE!  I am positive the doctors think I am a full on nutcase.

Ike was like “What mama?  Are you ok?  You look a little stressed out… I’m fine, I’m just gonna go lick this door handle on our way out ok?  The doctor is so cute, we need to come back here real soon.”

Long story short.  He’s fine now.  He’s happily enjoying all of our family company as we prepare to move into our new house this week.  Me? I am recovering from the whole ordeal much slower.  I still sleep with a thermometer and a bottle of children’s Motrin on my nightstand.


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