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Moving Day

A Poem.

“The time has come” the walrus said.

“To move so many things.”


“Of shoes– dishes–and old ear wax”


“Of lots of curtains and the King!”


“And why we need two shoe racks or if the deck needs more things!”

The poem was adapted from the classic “The Walrus and the Carpenter” by Lewis Carroll.

The movers came, bright and early Thursday morning.  They loaded and loaded and loaded and loaded some more.  Then they went to our storage unit and loaded still more.  Two trucks and lots of sweat they unloaded every last bit at the new house.  About 60% of it went on the floor it belonged on.  That was Thursday, we paid them, tipped them, and sent the movers and their trucks on their merry way.  Now it is Monday, and our new home is still far from photo ready.  I think a little over half of the boxes have been emptied, but far fewer items are in their final living spaces.  The new house is setup so differently from the one we left.  And although there are places and spaces gallore, finding a home for all of our things has become quite a challenge.   Not to mention we are redoing the decor drastically, so although there is “stuff” literally EVERYWHERE, there is also “stuff” to be purchased and placed as well.

Basically, we are living in a constant state of flux.  It doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone but me.  It’s making my hair fall out.  The important thing is we have moved, we have room for everyone, and although it is tiny, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Both my mother and my mother in law spent the week leading up to the move furiously packing and helping get things ready.  They both know that I don’t always agree fully with them on every single thing, but I hope they know how grateful I always am to have them.  They were invaluably helpful this week and there’s no way we could have done this without them.  Especially Ike.  Ike who is still searching the new house for his “Gayo” (Grandma) all the time.  Ike who spent the first 3 miles of our journey to school this morning telling his “mawmaw” bye from his carseat.




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