So. Very. Busy.

Is my hair on fire?  I feel like my hair might be on fire.  It’s plenty oily enough to catch flames.  When was the last time I got around to washing it???

Currently Happening:

  • Mom’s in the hospital
  • Ike’s getting out for Summer break on Friday (with no child care lined up)
  • Our basement is leaking from multiple locations
  • I am acting manager for the week at work
  • At some point in the next 7 days I hope to be selling our currently vacant former home

Also happening:

  • Dorm shopping
  • High School supply/clothing shopping
  • High school schedule/summer reading
  • Craigslist stalking for furniture deals since re:basement we decided we better buy used
  • Craigslist selling for furniture we chose not to move but need to remove from the former now vacant home before the new owners finally get approved to buy it
  • Non-existent home cooked dinners, I also think we are running low on cereal so we will probably all starve or just move to the McDonald’s or something.
  • Laundry?  How do you work the washing machine again?  What are dryer sheets? I have to fold them now too!?

Since I clearly don’t have time to enter any quality content here this week, here are a few pictures of  my two loves being their silly selves.




So grateful the hubs has taken over the night time duties for the time being.  Otherwise I might be crawling under my desk for naps or dragging around a caffeinated IV of some sort.


A conversation with Ike

This little guy here.


Loves to talk!  We unpacked my vintage rotary dial phone this weekend and put it on the coffee table at his eye level.  Personally, I wasn’t sure he would know what it was, since I’m pretty sure he’s only encountered cell phones in real life.   They must have a landline phone at school or something because he went right over and picked up the receiver and said “H’lo?” Then he said a bunch of garbled up words then “ok bye” and slammed the phone back down.  A few second later it must have rung again because “H’lo?”

He’s starting to piece several words together to make short phrases, which is making back and forth conversations a lot of fun right now.  For example, here’s what we talked about yesterday morning over breakfast.


Me. “Ike you need to take a bath this morning you stink”
Ike. “Stink?”
Me.  “Yeah you smell like outside, we need to take a bath”
Ike “Okaaaay”
Me.  “Ready to go take a bath Ike”
Ike. “Battte?”
Me. “Yes let’s go”
Ike.  “Okaaaaay”
We walk over to the stairs.  The stairs that Ike LOVES to play on and go up by himself because our new gates have not arrived yet.  Ike goes up one step and looks up to me.
Ike. “Halp?”
Me. “Help what?
Ike. “Halp me peas?”
Me. “You want me to carry you up the stairs?!”
Ike. “Yah”
So I pick him up and carry him up the stairs, lazy bum!  We go into his bathroom and run this water.
Me. “Oh Ike we forgot your brush downstairs”
Ike. “Brush?”
Me. “Yeah, come on let’s go get it” I pick him up and carry him back down the stairs.
Ike. “Batte? I nee take batte! I nee take batte!”
Me. “Ok Ike, we need to get your brush though”
Ike. “I nee take batte, batte, batte, batte! I nee take batte!”
Me. “Ok, let’s go back to the bathroom and take a bath”
Ike. “I nee take batte!” We get back to the bathroom and I get Ike undressed and put him in the tub.
Ike. “Noooo!  Noooo!”
Me. “What’s wrong? You need to take a bath Ike”
Ike. “No, no, no batte, no!”

Fun times.