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So. Very. Busy.

Is my hair on fire?  I feel like my hair might be on fire.  It’s plenty oily enough to catch flames.  When was the last time I got around to washing it???

Currently Happening:

  • Mom’s in the hospital
  • Ike’s getting out for Summer break on Friday (with no child care lined up)
  • Our basement is leaking from multiple locations
  • I am acting manager for the week at work
  • At some point in the next 7 days I hope to be selling our currently vacant former home

Also happening:

  • Dorm shopping
  • High School supply/clothing shopping
  • High school schedule/summer reading
  • Craigslist stalking for furniture deals since re:basement we decided we better buy used
  • Craigslist selling for furniture we chose not to move but need to remove from the former now vacant home before the new owners finally get approved to buy it
  • Non-existent home cooked dinners, I also think we are running low on cereal so we will probably all starve or just move to the McDonald’s or something.
  • Laundry?  How do you work the washing machine again?  What are dryer sheets? I have to fold them now too!?

Since I clearly don’t have time to enter any quality content here this week, here are a few pictures of  my two loves being their silly selves.




So grateful the hubs has taken over the night time duties for the time being.  Otherwise I might be crawling under my desk for naps or dragging around a caffeinated IV of some sort.


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