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Notes from the Overboooked

Most people look forward to the weekends as a time to relax.  A time to get some extra rest, catch up on television, kick your feet up and enjoy the quiet.  That is not so in this house.  The weekend is two days in which to cram as much fun and adventure possible.   This weekend was no different.

Friday evening the neighbors invited us over for dinner.  I’m so happy we have such friendly neighbors in our new neighborhood.  Isaac and I were envious of the amazing neighbors our aunt and uncle have; they come to their daughter’s parties, they always bring wine to dinner, they are generally fun to be around.  We joked that we would definitely have to put that on our wish list for new houses, really cool neighbors.  Check that one off the list, perhaps we should have specified “non leaking” in our basement requirement.

Anyway, we all went over to the neighbors, who incidentally are a slightly older couple with no children and several small dogs.  Ike seemed like a small hurricane tearing through their immaculate glass-laden home.   They are sweet and patient though and prepared us a fantastic meal to enjoy.  Ike even sat still for most of it.  Ivanal had a great time with all of the dogs and even Coco went over for an impromptu play date.

Saturday morning Isaac went to play golf and Ivanal had a hair dresser appointment.  My mom and Ike and I went to the library and the grocery store while Ivanal got her hair done.  I think my mom enjoyed getting out of the house for a while.

Saturday afternoon we attended a Baptism celebration for baby Analise.  She even cut her own cake!  Kids grow up so fast these days…


Saturday evening Ike’s god-mother brought all of his best buddies to visit from North Carolina.   He was thrilled to have all the ruckus around.  Especially hanging out in his car with his Amaria.


They picked up Ike’s god father from the airport on Sunday morning and we all went to lunch at Isaac’s golf club with cousin Mei.  Mei and Amaria were the afternoon’s entertainment.


After the Spearman’s left for home, Isaac and I took Ivanal back to school clothes shopping.  She has been in school for several weeks.  Better late than never right?

We went to the Tanger outlets just south of Atlanta.  I haven’t been there in years, but they have greatly improved since my last visit. Ivanal found great deals at the Aeropostale and Old Navy outlets.  She, Ike, and Isaac all got new shoes at the mall as well.

I don’t remember what exactly we did Sunday night, but generally it goes something like this:

  1. Locate Ike’s wet/dry bag from school.
  2. Wash contents.
  3. Fix dinners for the beginning of the week.
  4. Bribe Ike into the bath tub.
  5. Forget the wet/dry bag laundry in the washer.
  6. Pickup some of the excess clutter that people keep tripping over.
  7. Give Ike the ice cream he was bribed with and consider a second bath.
  8. Read Hop on Pop and Goodnight Moon but NOT Paddington because Ike is reading Paddington!
  9. Have a conversation about going “Night night” without a “bottle”.
  10. Fail miserably and give in.
  11. Go to bed.
  12. Remember laundry, dishes, and bills that needed to be paid over the weekend.
  13. Go to bed anyway and toss and turn fretting over it for several hours.



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