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And then there were Four (but really Seven!)

It started, as they say, with a twinkle in his eyes.  And lo and behold 4-6 weeks later that twinkle became a tiny blip with an even tinier little heartbeat.  A life.  An unbelievably small, but ever so real little life.  A small, tiny, but ever so real life that changes everything.


My sweet little Ikey was the most happy and lucky surprise that showed up nine months (exactly) after our wedding day.  He has made our lives together so much more than we could have known on that perfect rainy night nearly three years ago.  He has been a whirlwind of learning and fun and excitement and we knew it couldn’t stop with him.  We wanted a mad house full of running, playing, and screaming happiness.  So this time, we planned.  We agreed, we bought a bigger house, we put away some cash, and we are preparing for a new baby in just six short months!

We called Ike “nugget” the whole time he was in the womb.  Isaac called him that the very first time we saw him on the grainy ultrasound machine.  It stuck and some people still call him that, even though he much more the size of an oversized turkey at this point.

So naturally, the first picture we saw of this little one, reminded us of a the once tiny (but now huge) nugget that grew into Ike.  Nugget 2.0, new for 2016.

A twinkle, a heartbeat, a new little nugget to add to our happy, blended family.  We are so looking forward to meeting you very soon!  Don’t be alarmed by all the commotion around here, you will get used to it.  There are so many many people around to love you.

PS You’re big brother might need some time to warm up to you.  He may or may not take every opportunity to jump, sit, and step on you already.


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