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Spa Day at Scarlett’s

“Scarlett’s” what a perfectly Georgian name to describe a place for pampering and primping.  The name suits it to a tee.


By show of hands (because I am counting, clearly) how many other ladies out there have read that you should always make time for yourself, no matter how busy life becomes?  Most of us right?  How many of you are in the business of creating extra time out of thin air?  Anyone?  There’s only so much time in the day, and so many more people and things that need those precious minutes.  I located a spare 120 of said precious minutes this weekend and cashed in a bargain Groupon that was a few days away from expiring.   I am always weary of groupon deals that seem to be too good to be true, because often times they are.  But this time, the deal was amazing and the experience was even better.

Scarlett’s Retreat and Day Spa is located in a classic Georgian house, in a quaint downtown of one of the small suburbs of Atlanta, with all the charm of vintage southern culture.  There’s a big porch, painted shudders, creaky wood floors, and just enough ecclectic furniture to make it cozy.  There’s a fantastic collection of artwork from the famous movie “Gone with the Wind” in each of the treatment rooms.


I had two treatments done at Scarlett’s, a facial and a massage.  I’ve had maybe a handful of facials in my life, and never really understood what the big deal was.  I guess I just didn’t meet the right facialist, because Diane changed my life.   The facial lasted 60 minutes and included a treatment on my hands and feet.  All the products used were 100% natural and organic with 97% active ingredients.  When it was done I could see a noticeable difference in my complexion immediately.   A difference that I have been enjoying all week, every time I pass by a mirror.  My pores are smaller, my skin tone is more even, and my face looks overall brighter…maybe even a little younger.

After the facial, I went into the room across the hall for a massage.  The therapist talked more than I am used to, but I learned so much about my muscles and therapeutic things I could employ at home to help reduce the stress and tension that had built up in my body.  When I stepped off the table, I felt like a big bowl of sky blue jelly.  Completely relaxed and devoid of any kinks knots or twists.  And blue, because it is the most calming color.

Before the treatments began, Scarlett’s outfitted me with a plush robe and my own pair of spa slippers and cucumber orange water.  They asked detailed questions about my body and my skincare prior to starting.  Both therapists used the information to customize my treatment.  After the treatments were over, I was given a heated neckpillow and a cute snack before I was sent back to the real world outside.


I’m typically not a huge fan of spas or the spa experience, being disappointed so many times before (Groupon), but this one is a keeper!  I will save up some more precious spare minutes to visit them again!


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