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Week Thirteen

Written August 31st, 2015.

Hello second trimester!  Or goodbye first trimester.  It depends on who you as and when; exactly where this 13th week should go.  Me?  I think it should just go away and let’s skip to the much less gray week 14.  My body?  My body seems to want it both ways….Second trimester pants? YES Second trimester energy and lack of general ickiness feelings? HAHA FORGET IT!

week 13


  1. How big is baby this week? A sweet Georgia Peach.  
  2. Weight Gain?  9 pounds
  3. Do you feel that it is a boy or girl?  It’s a GIRL!
  4. Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? Pants and a few tops, but I still have some regular stuff that fits also.
  5. Do your wedding rings still fit? Yep!
  6. Weird cravings this week? Nope all foods can kiss my baby girl’s teeny tiny feet. 
  7. What do you miss most?  Feeling awake 
  8. Movement? Nothing yet!
  9. Sleep? More please?
  10. How are you feeling?  Blech.
  11. Things I cried about this week.  When the “Tell me something good” radio segment came on, every single story.
  12. Best Moment this week. When the doctor told us about baby GIRL.

As my body continues to wrestle with whether we are in the first or second trimester, my mind is currently wrestling with how to tell some of my co-workers the news.  My mommy friends have all, for the most part, figured things out on their own.  But I work directly with an office of 6 males.  Six males, one a college student and one a grandparent.  I don’t know how to tell them.  Will this be good news?  Do they mostly want to know who will be stuck with my work load while I am gone?  Do they care at all? I would guess they don’t care much and I am probably fretting over nothing.  My conversation with my boss went something like this… stall stall stall. small talk for 25 minutes.  stand up to exit “oh hey by the way, I’m pregnant, okay gotta go byes“.  I think he took it very well, but I was halfway down the hall by the time he responded so…


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