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Week Sixteen

Written September 22nd, 2015

week 16

This week my eating has been super funky.  In the morning I’m not terribly interested in anything, usually a piece of toast and a piece of fruit is all that I can handle.  Then at 9am I turn into a ravenous hippopotamus ready to eat my weight in something carby and covered in cheese.   So I do, and then I am full for the rest of the day…until about 10pm when I just need to have a bowl of cereal (or two) before I pass out for the night.  Isaac is not happy that I have been totally neglecting dinner, because I am not hungry and he and Ike have to fend for themselves.  Sorry, not sorry.

Week 16


  1. How big is baby this week? An avocado.  
  2. Weight Gain?  10 pounds
  3. Do you feel that it is a boy or girl?  It’s a GIRL!
  4. Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? Yes pants, yes shirts, need longer camis asap.  
  5. Do your wedding rings still fit? Yep!
  6. Weird cravings this week? Pho, asian food strikes again!
  7. What do you miss most?  Deli sandwiches
  8. Movement? Maybe…could have been all the raw veggies in the pho though… 
  9. Sleep? Ok.  
  10. How are you feeling?  Pretty good.
  11. Things I cried about this week. I was checking on Ike and Isaac was also and I didn’t see him in the room in the dark, then he scared the poop out of me, then I melted down.  I also had a dream about an intruder in our house (our old house) that night.. coincidence?
  12. Best Moment this week. Ike slept til 9am on Saturday morning!



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