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Apple Picking

So we went to an Apple Orchard.  Ahem.  Several weeks ago.  See, I’ve been very busy chronically baby Nugg-ette’s growth and progress, but Ike’s still around being generally awesome.  So we went to the big family Apple Orchard in Ellijay, GA with cousin Mei and Ivanal.  It was a beautiful day for hanging out at an orchard.  This particular one had so many activities to do.


We took a tractor ride.


We rode on some tin garbage can cows through some mud around the corn maze.


Ike rode a pony.


Ike also petted some goats.


I did neither of these things, because ew, livestock.

There was also a huge inflatable pillow that Ike loved.  I also did not do that, because, so many kids and giant pregnant belly um no thanks.


We spent pretty much the whole day there and we did pretty much everything.


Everything, except pick apples.  Not a single one, not even on from the ground.  There were just too many other fun things to do.  So we stopped at a stand on the way home and purchase a peck of the most delicious locally grown apples.


Ike weighs about two and half pecks, fyi.



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