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Week Eighteen

Written October 7th, 2015

Week 18

And another week down.  I can’t get over how fast this is going by.  I am happy to be bump buddies with another celebrity that I love, because obviously we are pregnant together and thereby automatically best friends.  Allison Holker.  DWTS is one of my favorite TV shows and I think Allison and her husband tWitch look like just the most fun parents ever!  And it’s also great to have someone other than Kim Kardashian to compare belly sizes to…

Week 18


  1. How big is baby this week? A Sweet Potato or an Artichoke.  
  2. Weight Gain?  About 10 pounds
  3. Do you feel that it is a boy or girl?  It’s a GIRL!
  4. Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? All day, every day.
  5. Do your wedding rings still fit? Yep!
  6. Weird cravings this week? Nah.
  7. What do you miss most? My sanity. 
  8. Movement? YES!
  9. Sleep? Weird dreams.
  10. How are you feeling?  Hungry, happy, sad, angry, teary, excited.
  11. Things I cried about this week.  There was a hole in my sweater arm pit and I had to change my whole outfit that I had spend way too much time putting together full of things that still fit.
  12. Best Moment this week. Mei Day Saturday.




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