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Epic Halloween Win!

We went for the unconventional, homemade, toddler costume again this year.  Ike played a very convincing Brazil National Soccer team member last year.  Our cousin Thomas actually gave me the idea several months ago, so Ike’s getup was a long time coming.  I know my Halloweens are limited, before long Ike will be throwing a tantrum in the aisles of Target because he wants the same superman/batman/minion/star wars costume that all his friends have.  Sigh.  So we had better make the best of these holidays while he still doesn’t get a say right?

Ike’s costume had to make use of his beautiful long hair, for as much as I hate to admit, those days are probably numbered as well.  And being the insanely cool parents we are (what is this Snapchat thing again?) it has to involve pop culture.  But pop culture in a clean, kid friendly, toddler sort of way.  Although my husband did send me a pretty convincing toddler Pablo Escobar to which my response was “Um, yeah, hellz no!”

Anyway, we are pretty big Game of Thrones fans over here, as are most of our friends, and pretty much everyone on earth so…

Enter Jon Snow!


Who wouldn’t be complete without his trusty companion, Ghost.


They are totally BFFs…



I mean, it’s going to be just about impossible to top this next year, so I think I’ll go check out the clearance rack at Target and pickup a Minion/Olaf/Koala Bear in a size 3T for next year.

…or maybe…



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