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Point Clear Wedding

My cousin Christina got married a few weeks ago.  Welcome to forever coupledom cuz!  It’s really great, nearly all the time.

Anyway, the party ceremony was in Point Clear, Alabama at a beautiful beach resort.  Although it was October, the weather down there was beautiful and Ike and I took every chance to be outside.

Here’s that handsome guy all dressed up for the outdoor nuptials.


All three of the most important men in the world to me.  As much trouble as they may be some times, they sure do clean up nice, I’m lucky to have every single one of them.


Oh, and I was there too!


Most importantly, Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell were there, stunning and beautiful among the most enchanting back drop I’ve ever seen.


During the service the pastor compared marriage to the beautiful open water behind them.  He said that it’s beauty and vast majesty were things to cherish, but it’s strength to withstand the occasional hurricane is what makes it last.

After the serious/official stuff and about a hundred dozen raw oysters later, it was time to party.  You don’t have to tell my crew twice.

Here’s Ike teaching Uncle Michael how to drop it low low low low.


And of course there was more touching moments like this one.


And all the Thompson women in one place, including the tiniest one still cooking in my belly.


I’m so happy that we were able to share this day with Christina and Wesley.  I’m glad they found each other and are wise enough to hold on tight, for ever and ever.

PS I’m glad I am that wise too.




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