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Week Twenty Five

Week 25

Sheesh, I promise there is more going on over here than idly sitting around watching baby girl Salinas grow.  I’m just too busy to write about it right now.  Or maybe she is already claiming her role of “queen of all the things” in this household.

week 25


  1. How big is baby this week? An entire head of cauliflower!  
  2. Weight Gain?  I’m afraid to check
  3. Do you feel that it is a boy or girl?  It’s a GIRL!
  4. Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? Bought some new ones this week.
  5. Do your wedding rings still fit? Yep!
  6. Weird cravings this week? No, but am having a sudden aversion to turkey…worst timing ever.
  7. What do you miss most? Wine.  All the wine.  And also tequila.
  8. Movement? Angry kicks when her brother lays on her.
  9. Sleep? What’s that?
  10. How are you feeling?   Twitchy, anxious, down right impossible to be around, reason?  Not even sure, pretty much whatever you are doing is terribly annoying to me so stop it thanks.
  11. Things I cried about this week.  Watching Isaac drink my bottle of my most favorite wine when I clearly cannot have any!  THEN seeing him spill an entire glass of it on the floor.  My frugal and wino sides both ache.
  12. Best Moment this week. Thanksgiving/more birthday celebrations for Ike.

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