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Harold and the Purple Crayon

Last year Ike’s birthday party theme was the book “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.  As a keepsake to him, everyone who attended signed his copy of the book.  It was such a nice keepsake for him, I wanted to have another book for him this year.

Harold Party

Harold and the Purple crayon is a great toddler sized book, since coloring is becoming a very hip thing to do at two years old, and because there’s simple illustrations and a simple story within the book  Harold takes a giant purple crayon on a moonlight walk and draws a big adventure.  There’s only a few words on each page, making it a very manageable book for a kid who likes to “help” by turning the pages.


Taking elements from the book was fairly simple as the book is illustrated entirely in purple and white using simplistic shapes to create imaginative scenery.  I took three scenes from the book and recreated the lines using purple streamers on white easel paper.


Since my main party guests were two and under, I decided to forgo the organized games for free play.  We rolled up our area rug and replaced it with more easel paper to make a giant coloring mat.


With purple balloons for some added fun.  Ike was laying and bouncing on them before the party and I was briefly concerned that someone would pop one and all hell would break loose.  There were some nibbles but all the balloons survived and no one went home screaming.


More purple decorations.  A monochromatic color scheme proves for endless decorating options.  But we kept it pretty minimal.



I printed a few coloring sheets from a free education website for the more advanced coloring kids.


I baked and decorated his cake myself.  I think I’m pretty good at free hand doodles, if I do say so myself.  I did not free hand the number two, I used a cookie cutter and purple sprinkles.


There were also chocolate cupcakes.

 The food was relatively simple, and kid-friendly.


Peanut Butter and Jelly AND cheese sandwiches


Mexican dip, Mixed Fruit, and roasted vegetable pasta salad


Honest Kids in sippy cups and Lemonade.

610_6071 610_6076

Fun coloring on the floor.  Ike did this for approximately 30seconds before running off to police the other kids away from his favorite toys (all of his toys and also while he’s thinking of it don’t touch his crayons!).  Two is super fun already guys.



This shirt!


I made shape crayons as favors from all the “vintage” crayons I found around the house while collecting purple (and blue) crayons for the party.  They were complimented by farm animal coloring books.

And one final craft, was this #2, which sort of ended up blending in with our other photos on the built ins, but I still love it.  What a year!



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