Self Care

Self Care seems to be a new buzz word these days.  Gone are the days of myrtar-matriarchs who serve as superwoman at the whims of all her family members.  We no longer admire those hyper-functional, over-caffienated, selfless people.  Well, damn.  I had that routine down!  And I was good at it!  It isn’t all that bad.

  • I wasn’t too tired.  Well, maybe I just got used to fatigue and mistaked it for regular energy levels.
  • I was never sick.  Unless, I was and didn’t have time to notice.
  • I was thin (-ish).  Although, that could be because sometimes in my haste to feed everyone else I forgot to feed myself, and then the next thing I knew it was 9pm and I was eating an entire pizza by myself.

How does this self-care stuff work anyway?  Will the toddler burn down the house while I am lounging about in a hammock?  Will the baby starve because I am busy enjoying a four-course dinner?  Will the neat house police come and arrest me if I go to bed without cleaning up the toys and dishes?  Probably not.  Anyway, let’s face it, there is only a finite amount of coffee in this town.  And besides:

  • Triple espressos do not equal a good night’s rest
  • Unnoticed illness does not equal wellness
  • Thin does not equal healthy

So, maybe there is something to the self-care movement.  Maybe women, mothers especially, could use some personal goals and rewards.  Starting small should help set us up for success.

  1. Eat two fruits every day.
  2. Work at building a stronger (not thinner) body.
  3. Finish a book (or two even!)
  4. Go to bed at bedtime, even if the to-do list is not finished

If you cannot take care of yourself, then how can you care for others?  If myself is not my best, then all those I care for will not be getting the best either.


Eleanor 1 Month

I can’t believe how fast this is going again.  She’s growing up before our eyes!


Eleanor One Month:

Weight. 8 pounds 8 ounces

Length. 21 inches

Diaper Size.  Newborn

Clothing Size. Newborn and some 0-3 months


  • Nursing
  • The baby K-tan
  • Snuggles and kisses


  • Being naked
  • Riding in the car

Another kid who hates the car.  Great.  Even the Wheels on the Bus has no affect on the hysterics that ensue when we get in the car.  Too hot? Crack up the A/C.  Nope.  Too cold?  Here’s a blanket.  Nope.  Sun in your eyes?  Cover the carseat.  Nu-uh.  Lonely? Ike sings to the baby.  Noooo that’s worse! Hungry?  Stop to nurse.  Not really, but thanks.  Want out of the car?  YES, everything is totally fine now, what screaming banshee?

Easter 2016

This Easter I questioned, and not for the first time, if taking a toddler to church is worth the trouble.  Off we went, nevertheless in our pastel Sunday best.  I accidentally brought a fire truck that makes noise, and Ike was ready to leave about 10 minutes into the service, and we ran out of GRANOLA BARS!  Anyway, we didn’t get asked to leave, so I’m gonna call that a success.

My dad was in town for the holiday and was gracious enough to prepare the meal and a bonus one on Saturday too.  We were well fed for the whole week.  So grateful.

There was egg dying.


And Easter Baskets.

And a rained out/indoor Easter Egg hunt where Ike discovered that there are TREATS inside those plastic eggs.  Locating and then taking them in and out of a basket is just the beginning of the fun!


So a few days later this happened.  Naturally.


Ah, I love this little guy, even when he behaves like a heathen in church.

Eleanor Hope

Eleanor Hope Salinas has arrived.  Slightly ahead of schedule, a little bit teeny, absolutely perfect.  She was born early in the afternoon on February 23rd, weighing 6 pounds and 13 ounces.  She has the exact same jet black matte of hair that her brother did upon his arrival.

IMG_1707The first month with her has been a whirlwind.  Two kids are a challenge.  Life in general over here has been an even bigger one.  But she is a tough girl and she has done amazingly to roll with all of it.


Eleanor is a great sleeper, she totally ignores her brothers loud, but admiring, cries to her. “HI BABY SISSY!  HI! HI! WHAT YOU DOING BABY SISSY?!”.  She could care less about the incessant bike horn beeping or constant crashing noises or quick paced toddler stomping around the hardwoods.  She’s amazing when she’s cuddled close to me in her carrier.  She curls up even tinier and lays her head down and is completely content.  Whether we are hustling through the grocery store for yet another round of milk and applesauce or out in the bright sunshine watching Ike play outside or at the park.


Ike and I struggled with a breastfeeding relationship from day 1.  We figured it out, through a mix of shear will, pain, and many many tears; but it took a long time.  And looking back, I don’t think we ever had it completely figured out, we powered through, but it was a tough 15 months for the whole family.  Eleanor on the other hand, latched expertly the very first time and has not looked back since.  Sure there was some pain and some soreness for the first few weeks.  Sure we had to wait an exceedingly long time for the real milk to start flowing (SIX DAYS of Colostrum!).  But we are in a groove and that is how I know, Ike and I never got it quite right.  This is the breastfeeding relationship that those happy people talk about, this is actually something I enjoy.  Not something I pretended to like so as not to be judged by the hippies and granola moms.  This is not something that requires powering through.

She has a bit of a temper though, and she absolutely HATES being naked.  This includes changing clothes, changing diapers, and baths.  All give her a glow of fire red anger and wild eyes and screams of utter torture.


It’s all soon forgotten though, as soon as that teeny tiny newborn sleeper is buttoned securely and she is safely back in loving arms.  She forgives me every time, although her bright gray eyes (for now?) still look pleadingly at me as if to say “please oh PLEASE never do that again mommy!”.


If we had a chance to create the perfect little person to add to our family, to choose every trait and aspect of her, she would beat all those qualities without even trying.  She is the best daughter, little sister, and grand-daughter anyone could ask for.

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Processed with VSCOcam with e4 preset