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Self Care

Self Care seems to be a new buzz word these days.  Gone are the days of myrtar-matriarchs who serve as superwoman at the whims of all her family members.  We no longer admire those hyper-functional, over-caffienated, selfless people.  Well, damn.  I had that routine down!  And I was good at it!  It isn’t all that bad.

  • I wasn’t too tired.  Well, maybe I just got used to fatigue and mistaked it for regular energy levels.
  • I was never sick.  Unless, I was and didn’t have time to notice.
  • I was thin (-ish).  Although, that could be because sometimes in my haste to feed everyone else I forgot to feed myself, and then the next thing I knew it was 9pm and I was eating an entire pizza by myself.

How does this self-care stuff work anyway?  Will the toddler burn down the house while I am lounging about in a hammock?  Will the baby starve because I am busy enjoying a four-course dinner?  Will the neat house police come and arrest me if I go to bed without cleaning up the toys and dishes?  Probably not.  Anyway, let’s face it, there is only a finite amount of coffee in this town.  And besides:

  • Triple espressos do not equal a good night’s rest
  • Unnoticed illness does not equal wellness
  • Thin does not equal healthy

So, maybe there is something to the self-care movement.  Maybe women, mothers especially, could use some personal goals and rewards.  Starting small should help set us up for success.

  1. Eat two fruits every day.
  2. Work at building a stronger (not thinner) body.
  3. Finish a book (or two even!)
  4. Go to bed at bedtime, even if the to-do list is not finished

If you cannot take care of yourself, then how can you care for others?  If myself is not my best, then all those I care for will not be getting the best either.


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