Ice Cream Dreams

It’s HOT down here in Georgia.  I don’t mean like mildly uncomfortable better put on some shorts hot, but like stay in the house with air conditioning because it’s not safe to be outside hot.  H.O.T. HOT!

Summer heat waves mean lots of swimming and pool time and lots of cold treats.  Since I am not stupid enough to take a newborn AND a toddler to a pool by myself (or without an army of helpers) we have been mostly sticking to the cold treats.

Ike isn’t complaining.

Downtown Scoops Ice Cream Parlor, Fayetteville, GA

Eleanor on the other hand has many opinions about this.
“Hey, doesn’t he have to share with me?”


“Dude, you have to share with me! I am your baby sissy!”

“Baby Sissy Who?”



Eleanor 3 Months

Ok, so she’s technically still 3 months for like a few more days.  And to be fair the photos were taken at least 2 weeks ago.


Eleanor Two Months:

Weight. 10ish? Pounds… There’s no Ped appointment for 3 months.

Legnth. ? Again no doctor, second baby, sorry dear

Diaper Size. 1

Clothing Size. 0-3 months


  • MILK whichever vehicle is fine, but get in her belly!
  • Chewing her hand
  • Joining in discipling her brother


  • The Car/Car Seat/Anyone mentioning the car
  • Being put in a baby-holding device where she can’t see anyone
  • Sunshine


  • Laughs
  • Coos
  • Rolls over (not on purpose)
  • Airplane Ride!


  • The Car/Car Seat/Anyone mentioning the car

Eleanor is definitely warming up to her big brother, and him to her.  He gives her lots of hugs and kisses and she no longer shrieks in terror.  Great work children!