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Eleanor 4/5ish Months

OK 6.  She is actually 6 months…Okay almost 7.  Nevertheless.  I have diligently (sort of) taken her photo every month for historical purposes.


Eleanor 4/5 Months

Weight. 12 Pounds

Length. 23 inches

Diaper Size. 2

Clothing Size. 3-6 months, still fits some 0-3 months


  • MILK! Milk is da bomb.  Formula will so.  Sometimes.
  • Jumperoo
  • Ms. Tia (Nido guide at the little Montessori School)
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


  • The car (yep still)
  • Being left alone
  • Getting her nose wiped.  Although she is fine with the blue snot sucker bulb


  • Intentional roll over
  • Foot/Arm/Appendage caught in the crib



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