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Oh Hi.  Hello.  Welcome to insearchofhe25thhour.  Are you looking for some extra time in your day too?  Join me as I try to navigate through the most efficient way to spend our 24 hours with a busy family, work, and social life while at the same time continue my search for just a little bit more time in the day.

I am mommy to an adorable one-year-old Ike, and a step-mommy to a beautiful 19-year-old Gabby.  I am wife to my wonderful husband  Isaac.  Beyond that I am sister, daughter, friend, coworker, housecleaner, engineer, chef, handy-man, and whatever else you can think of to someone or another.

I grew up in New Orleans, LA but I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia for over 8 years now.  I went to Auburn University and graduated in 2006 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.  I have worked at the same airline since graduation and have loved every second of it, I have no plans to leave my current career anytime soon.   Isaac and I were married in February of 2013 and Ike was born exactly nine months later.  To. The. Day.  My husband also works at the airline, but in a different role.  We met during a cross-divisional training class years ago where he cheated to win the final competition, but I digress.

We live in the suburbs of Atlanta, we have recently moved into a quiet neighborhood with plenty of greenspace for little ones play and excellent schools for them to grow.

I’m a pretty busy person, but sometimes I think no busier than the next mommy/employee/wife is.  Maybe I just complain about it more.  I’ll try to work on that.

I wanted to start insearchofthe25thhour mostly for Ike.  For a place to keep all of our memories of him growing up.  To be able to show him when he’s all surly and teenaged, “Hey look how cute you used to be!? Can you please be that person again? Thanks, Love, Mom.” Insearch… is also my outlet for any various meanderings I may come across.  To include, but not limited to, healthy living (attempts), home keeping (attempts), baby rearing (attempts), and general family awesomeness (triumphs).

Hope you enjoy, you probably won’t learn anything earth shattering, but I think our family is good for a laugh or two.  Happy reading!


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