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Date Night(s)

Another weekend, another crazy busy schedule to keep.  I seriously have no idea how this happens, but my weekends have become more exhausting than my work weeks.

On Friday, Isaac and I left Gabby to babysit while we attended a Christmas party.  It was at the Whole World Improv theatre.  I have seen this improv show once before, but obviously a completely different show.  It was super funny.  What a tough job, making things up and having an emcee tell you to rap, do a dance, or completely change your character at random times.  The actors were very talented though and kept us all well entertained.

Here we are with some old friends we don’t get to see enough of.


On Saturday we caught up with some more friends, that we also don’t get to see enough of, for brunch.  We ate at South City Kitchen in midtown.  The food was a bit disappointing, but the place was cool and the company was great.  Ike colored on the white linen table cloths so we will likely not be returning.  Glad the food wasn’t completely phenomenal in that case.

We dropped Isaac off at home and then Ike and I went to do some Christmas shopping and grocery shopping and lots of riding around in shopping carts.  He was not happy.  So we took a pit stop at the park, it was a beautiful day, and he is getting to be quite fond of swinging.


Sunday, we went to church, then stayed to hand out photos from last weekend’s Breakfast with St. Nicholas social.  Here’s Ike’s.


He was asleep the whole time St. Nick was taking photos.  He was not asleep during any of the time I was trying to make the bazillions of pancakes or slices of bacon during the hours leading up to the event.

We popped into Target after church for a few more presents and stopped home to feed Ike lunch and grab some more milk.  Then we were off to a Christmas party hosted by one of the mother’s from work.  That was an adventure.  I don’t think I am used to attending parties as a mommy just yet.  It’s really hard to talk to anyone, or eat, or drink wine while Ike is running around trying to injury himself at every turn.


  • Ike fell off of a step,
  • Ike tried to launch himself down the slide,
  • Ike spilled my red wine on the floor (and my pants),
  • Ike nearly bit another baby,
  • Ike definitely pulled another baby’s hair

Sunday evening Isaac and I veg-ed out on the couch.  He asked what I wanted to do, I asked what he wanted to do.  He said he was doing it.  He did what I wanted to all day (and most days).  So, I put everything on my to do list out of my mind and I sat on the couch with my husband and did nothing.  And it was glorious.  Sometime I get so caught up in making lists, and planning activities, and getting things done that I totally forget to stop and enjoy the people around me.

We watched a movie.  We had some popcorn and some vanilla tea.  We enjoyed each other’s company.  I hope we find the time to do it again very soon.

Technically, Isaac and I had two dates this weekend.  Of those two I definitely enjoyed the second one most.  The party was a lot of fun, and it was great to get all dressed up and put on a big, witty smile and visit with everyone.  But if I had to chose one to do over and over again, I would choose to make matching butt prints on the sofa with my hunny.  Every single time.


4 thoughts on “Date Night(s)

  1. Ummmmm…most of the bullets of Ike being crazy could have been avoided if that mommy host would have just baby proofed her house a little better…(sorry) (please come back)

  2. Sounds like a whirlwind weekend. I, too, enjoy sitting and relaxing with my husband at night. It’s amazing how calming and grounding those matching prints in the couch can be! Thanks for sharing about your weekend. May next weekend be a bit more calm. 🙂

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