Week Five or Six

Written July 7th, 2015

Week 5

This post is part of a series of weekly updates on baby Nugget 2.0.  The first  weeks will be published daily until we are caught up to the present.  This post is ambiguously titled because I had a broken phone and I can’t remember things and I still don’t have a doctor’s appointment for another two weeks.

week 56


  1. How big is baby this week? A lentil bean, or maybe a blueberry.
  2. Weight Gain? None so far, unless you count the 5 pounds I gained when we decided to start trying to get pregnant again.  I don’t so, zero.
  3. Do you feel like it’s a boy or girl? Not sure yet.
  4. Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? No but yoga pants are very comfy these days
  5. Do your wedding rings still fit? Yes
  6. Weird cravings this week? Still with the sushi, idk what this kid’s deal is.
  7. What do you miss most? Coffee, and also wine.  
  8. Movement? Nothing for a while I guess, only indigestion.
  9. Sleep?  Ike doesn’t let me sleep, but so far the new Nugget is pretty reasonable.
  10. How are you feeling?  Pretty good, no morning/afternoon/night/all day sickness as of yet…A little tired, I took an awesome two hour nap on the floor of my new bedroom before the furniture arrived.
  11. Best Moment this week. Moving. Not moving day, but the day after.  Unpacking Ike’s room and figuring out where the bunk beds will live.

Additional ramblings.  The house is coming along nicely.  We bought some outdoor furniture pieces this weekend and I am looking forward to many many family dinners on our beautiful deck and lots of little birthday parties at our backyard “park”.  Mei visited us last week and was very impressed about the “park” that we now have at our house.  It’s a small park, but a park nevertheless, according to her.


Week Four or Five

Written: June 29th, 2015.

Week 4

This is the first week that I am actually aware that there is a baby growing at a furious pace inside my belly.  This post is the first in a series of weekly updates on baby Nugget 2.0.  The first several weeks will be published daily until we are caught up to the present.

Why is this post titles four OR five?  Because I don’t know how far along I am.  Why?  I already have pregnancy brain.  Obviously.  I am a semi responsible person though, and I am fully aware that I cannot remember things.  That is why I track my cycle via an app on my phone.  However, my phone died on my trip to DC, remember?  I never got around to creating an account with the app so all the data was gone.  So here we are ,we four, maybe five, or maybe 12 or something I don’t know.

Week 4


  1. How big is baby this week? A poppy seed, or possibly a sesame seed, definitely not a watermelon yet.
  2. Weight Gain?
  3. Do you feel that it is a boy or girl? Not sure yet.
  4. Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? Nope!
  5. Do your wedding rings still fit? Yep!
  6. Weird cravings this week? Sushi.  Normally, I hate sushi.  This week I have had sushi THREE damn times and I am already looking for someone to go with me for some more at lunch today.
  7. What do you miss most? COFFEE 
  8. Movement? Nothing yet!
  9. Sleep? Like a baby, one on TV or in a book not a baby like my child sleeps.
  10. How are you feeling?  Moody
  11. Things I cried about this week.  Two opened ketchups and four discarded syrup bottles.  
  12. Best Moment this week. When the second line appeared.  Then when the digital readout said “pregnant” because the second line was so faint I needed to be sure.

Well baby Nugget 2.0, so far only mommy and daddy know about you, but we are both thrilled about adding you to our growing family.  We just purchased a nice big house for you and your big brother to grow up in and we cannot wait for the two of you to become partners in crime.  Be careful though, your brother is a biter.


Spa Day at Scarlett’s

“Scarlett’s” what a perfectly Georgian name to describe a place for pampering and primping.  The name suits it to a tee.


By show of hands (because I am counting, clearly) how many other ladies out there have read that you should always make time for yourself, no matter how busy life becomes?  Most of us right?  How many of you are in the business of creating extra time out of thin air?  Anyone?  There’s only so much time in the day, and so many more people and things that need those precious minutes.  I located a spare 120 of said precious minutes this weekend and cashed in a bargain Groupon that was a few days away from expiring.   I am always weary of groupon deals that seem to be too good to be true, because often times they are.  But this time, the deal was amazing and the experience was even better.

Scarlett’s Retreat and Day Spa is located in a classic Georgian house, in a quaint downtown of one of the small suburbs of Atlanta, with all the charm of vintage southern culture.  There’s a big porch, painted shudders, creaky wood floors, and just enough ecclectic furniture to make it cozy.  There’s a fantastic collection of artwork from the famous movie “Gone with the Wind” in each of the treatment rooms.


I had two treatments done at Scarlett’s, a facial and a massage.  I’ve had maybe a handful of facials in my life, and never really understood what the big deal was.  I guess I just didn’t meet the right facialist, because Diane changed my life.   The facial lasted 60 minutes and included a treatment on my hands and feet.  All the products used were 100% natural and organic with 97% active ingredients.  When it was done I could see a noticeable difference in my complexion immediately.   A difference that I have been enjoying all week, every time I pass by a mirror.  My pores are smaller, my skin tone is more even, and my face looks overall brighter…maybe even a little younger.

After the facial, I went into the room across the hall for a massage.  The therapist talked more than I am used to, but I learned so much about my muscles and therapeutic things I could employ at home to help reduce the stress and tension that had built up in my body.  When I stepped off the table, I felt like a big bowl of sky blue jelly.  Completely relaxed and devoid of any kinks knots or twists.  And blue, because it is the most calming color.

Before the treatments began, Scarlett’s outfitted me with a plush robe and my own pair of spa slippers and cucumber orange water.  They asked detailed questions about my body and my skincare prior to starting.  Both therapists used the information to customize my treatment.  After the treatments were over, I was given a heated neckpillow and a cute snack before I was sent back to the real world outside.


I’m typically not a huge fan of spas or the spa experience, being disappointed so many times before (Groupon), but this one is a keeper!  I will save up some more precious spare minutes to visit them again!

And then there were Four (but really Seven!)

It started, as they say, with a twinkle in his eyes.  And lo and behold 4-6 weeks later that twinkle became a tiny blip with an even tinier little heartbeat.  A life.  An unbelievably small, but ever so real little life.  A small, tiny, but ever so real life that changes everything.


My sweet little Ikey was the most happy and lucky surprise that showed up nine months (exactly) after our wedding day.  He has made our lives together so much more than we could have known on that perfect rainy night nearly three years ago.  He has been a whirlwind of learning and fun and excitement and we knew it couldn’t stop with him.  We wanted a mad house full of running, playing, and screaming happiness.  So this time, we planned.  We agreed, we bought a bigger house, we put away some cash, and we are preparing for a new baby in just six short months!

We called Ike “nugget” the whole time he was in the womb.  Isaac called him that the very first time we saw him on the grainy ultrasound machine.  It stuck and some people still call him that, even though he much more the size of an oversized turkey at this point.

So naturally, the first picture we saw of this little one, reminded us of a the once tiny (but now huge) nugget that grew into Ike.  Nugget 2.0, new for 2016.

A twinkle, a heartbeat, a new little nugget to add to our happy, blended family.  We are so looking forward to meeting you very soon!  Don’t be alarmed by all the commotion around here, you will get used to it.  There are so many many people around to love you.

PS You’re big brother might need some time to warm up to you.  He may or may not take every opportunity to jump, sit, and step on you already.

Adoration of the perfect little big head

On top of this beautifully, perfectly round, slightly larger than average toddler head is the most exquisite mop of curly brown hair.  I just love every single strand.

FullSizeRender (5)

Ike is stopped all the time for strangers to marvel over “her” beautiful hair and features.  And he has gotten a few comments along the lines of “but he’s pretty enough to be a girl” when they are corrected.  It all generally goes back to that hair.

Some of Ike’s hair curls into perfectly spiraled ringlets a la Shirley Temple.  Some of his hair creates more of a big halo around his ears and eyebrows.  And in true little boy fashion, some of it just sticks straight out wherever it pleases.  The whole look borders on illegal cuteness (you know in my humble opinion).

FullSizeRender (8)

We’ve gotten some questions about when we will cute his hair, to which I always quickly respond “NEVER!”  Because who could take away such beauty from the world?  Something as beautiful as Ikey’s long locks.

FullSizeRender (6)

Ponytailed, headbanded, or wild and free.  Ike loves his beautiful hair and we all do too.

FullSizeRender (9)

I suspect we will be resurrecting the “will you cut his hair?” question soon.  As Isaac and I are expecting Ike’s baby sister this coming March.

FullSizeRender (7)

And the answer will still be “no, I am not cutting his hair”.  At least not until he asks to cut his hair, because if anyone’s opinion matters more than mine in this, it is his (maybe).


The Simple Coupon Binder

Did you know that if you google “The Binder Method” and “Coupon” that you get over 400,000 results!  There are blog posts, how to’s, pins, and youtube videos out there showing how to coupon using the Binder Method.   Four hundred THOUSAND ways to coupon with the binder method.  Makes your head spin a little right?

I think I read approximately 2.3 of these google search results before creating my binder.  This is what I learned.

  • Some couponers meticulously alphabetize and categorize their coupons down to the letter.  I don’t do that.
  • Some couponers fold and trim their coupons to fit into the various pockets of the binders.  I don’t do that either.
  • Some couponers recommend separating your printable coupons from your newspaper coupons.  I don’t do that.
  • Some couponers clip every single coupon out there and file it away in their, oh I don’t know, TWELVE INCH BINDERS.  I most assuredly do not do that.

I used to use the accordion file method of couponing back in the day.  Google that.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  But I switched to the binder method to SIMPLIFY and SAVE TIME in my couponing efforts.  That said, to me at least, clipping each and every coupon from every source possible and alphabetizing them into 47 different categories did not seem very simple or very time saving.

So I stopped reading the posts and I paused the youtube video, because holy crap learning how to make a binder was going to use up all the time I had allotted for a week’s worth of couponing.   I stopped and I thought about this for a moment.   I have a shining exampe of a simple couponer right here in front of me.

My dad is a vintage couponer.  I mean he was a couponer before couponing was cool.  He still has his old canvas coupon organizer where he organizes his coupons from the newspaper every week.  The category labels have long ago rubbed off, but he knows where everything goes.  Because he just knows.  He also has the uncanny ability to know which coupons are in the organizer at any given time.  What can I say, I guess that is what 30 years of practice will get you.  My dad’s coupon organizer has maybe 8 tabs.  He clips coupons for things he regularly uses only and he files them away.  So it makes sense that he knows what is in his organizer, since he has been clipping the same set of coupons for decades and he is an avid newpaper clipper so he pretty much always has the coupons he needs on hand.  This is my model.


My coupon binder is 1.5″ wide and has 7 dividers.  They happen to be color coded because I happened to find this set of colored binder tabs on the clearance end cap at Target.  Frankly, I could care less that they are different colored or colored at all even.


  1. Grocery – this is any food that is not refridgerated
  2. Dairy/Refriderated/Frozen – foods that are refriderated or frozen.
  3. Baby – diapers, wipes, babyfood, etc
  4. Medicine – this is for, um, medicine
  5. Household – cleaners, batteries, and paper goods
  6. Personal Care – shampoo, conditioner, makeup, etc
  7. Store coupons – store specific coupons from Target, Publix, and Kroger

How do I keep the coupons organized with such broad categories and without alphabetizing?


It’s really quite groundbreaking, are you ready for this?

FullSizeRender (1)

I fold them so the pictures of the products show.  Yep.  That’s all.

If you haven’t heard, a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, categories.  When I get ready to go shopping I flip through the binder like a magazine.  My amazing, human brain, can quickly pick out photos of products we need and exclude those that are not.

That is my greatest couponing secret and I have just shared it with you all.  You’re welcome.   Don’t waste time reorganizing your coupons to be alphabetical every week, just read a picture book.  Or better yet, if you have a toddler, let him read it to you.

Happy Couponing!


Teen in Training

Have you ever noticed the similarity between the toddler and teenage years?  I am noticing some glaring likenesses between our fourteen year old and our soon-to-be-two year old.  Maybe that’s why when you ask how old their toddler is parents roll their eyes and reply “3 going on 13!” Or maybe why parents of teens often ask them “why are you acting like such a baby?!” Hmm are toddlers teens in training or are teens somehow reverting toddlers in an attempt to skirt adulthood?  Either way the resemblance between the two are remarkable.

Here’s how:


Toddler tantrums are more slam fists on the floor and scream gibberish and cry (always in public), while teen tantrums are more stomp away and scream hateful words that make parents want to cry (never in public).  But I say a tantrum is a tantrum and there is really no other way to describe such raw displays of disappointment and frustration.

Complete Defiance

Tell a toddler to go pick up that book they threw on the floor.  What do you get?  I get “no!” and usually several more books tossed on the floor for good measure.

Tell a teen to pick up that plate that has been sitting at the table for several hours after dinner.  What do you get?  A plate that has become infested by wildlife when you wake up in the morning.

Both ignore you and somehow make the problem worse.

Difficulty with following directions

Go to your room and do you homework, you tell the teen.  They go to their room and listen to music, text their friends, and try on all the clothes in their closet (That’s what they are doing right? That must be why the clothes are always on the floor and not on hangers?).

Take off your shoes and put them away, you tell the toddler.  They go sit down and proceed to remove their shirt, shorts, and diaper but leave the shoes on.

Being able to follow two step directions is a big toddler milestone.  Apparently it is also a teen milestone that is often overlooked.

Impossibility to wake up

Tip toe around a toddler who has just dozed off for a nap and he will snap to attention.  Try to sneak off to the grocery store before the teen wakes up (at noon), they meet you at the front door dressed with a list of prepackaged junk food they need.

Try to get either of them up for school?  

Turn on all the lights – toddler is oblivious, teen has the good sense to pull the blanket over head.

Shake the bed – toddler is still oblivious, teen mumbles some unpleasantries in your general direction but does not open their eyes.

Blast music – toddler does a little involuntary booty shake but does not open eyes, teen groans loud enough to drown out the music but still does not budge.

Angels when you’re looking, devils when you turn your back.  

When they have your undivided attention.

Toddler – obedient, happy, puts diapers in the trash and leaves them there.

Teen – sits at the kitchen table and asks thoughtful questions while diligently working on their homework.

When you turn back.  

Teen – lies about finishing homework and reasons they need stay after school.

Toddler – makes a mural on your wall with the contents of the diaper that you watched him dutifully put in the garbage.

Moods change at the drop of a hat.

Teen – OMG I love you you’re the best parent ever, I’m gonna work so hard to pay you back I promise.  Thirty seconds later OMG That’s so unfair! Why do you hate me!? You are TOTALLY RUINING MY LIFE!!  

Toddler – Mommy, I wanna go outside and play, goes and get shoes and happily shuffles towards the door.  When it’s time to come inside.  Becomes completely limp and crumples self to the ground yelling “noooo!” repeatedly while you drag him in by his shirt.

They both take forever to bathe

Teen I’m going to take a quick shower. 45 minutes later you knock. OMG I just got in here!

Toddler – wash face, scrub muddy knees, clean cheese toes and wash hair – 5 minutes.  Taste, play, and display all 26 foam letters in the tub Are you ready to get out? no! puts each letter back into the water and then throws them out of the tub- 114 minutes.

Rooms stay clean for approximately 30 seconds per week

Every other second it looks like the same tornado tore through both rooms.

Toddler – I’m not sure, why anyone bothers to clean a toddler’s room, it’s like issuing a challenge.  Mine walks in and his face lights up and I can actually see him deciding what he can throw onto the floor first.  The basket of neatly folded school shorts?  No, definately the basket of perfectly matched tiny socks.  The set of 3 pull and go cars? Haha yeah right, try the tub of 57 toddler legos.

And Teens?  My theory is they manage to stuff all their crap just barely out of sight so you stop yelling, then when they open the closet/drawer/magic wardrobe it all just springs back out into the same areas of the floor they have always occupied.  Something like the way that can full of snakes works I believe.


So is that why people generally avoid teens and toddlers in the same house?  Is it nature’s natural evolution to generally have children slightly closer together?  Would it have been too much to ask to have someone warn me?!

One thing they can both do that doesn’t make me cringe?  Their chores.  Sometimes.  Well, that one time.

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)